If you would like to mail your quilt, please print out and complete this page.  You may choose to
include your own batting, or purchase batting from Quilting by the Yard (please call at
860-896-1056 or email me to discuss batting options and prices).  Quilts will be return shipped
by USPS Priority Mail, and will be insured for $200.  Additional insurance is available upon
request.  Please include a check for $25 to cover return shipping charges.  You will only be
charged for the actual shipping costs.  Any unused shipping fee will be returned to you.
Note: Please contact me before you ship your quilt so I will know when to expect it.  

Name: ____________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________________________

State: _____________________________________________________________

Zipcode: ___________________________________________________________

Phone: Day:______________________   Evening: _______________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________

Quilt Size: __________________________________________________________

Thread Color: _______________________________________________________

Batting: ____________________________________________________________

Quilting Pattern or Design Preferred: ______________________________________


Comments or Requests: _______________________________________________



Please mail to : Laura McCarrick; P.O. Box 1987; Manchester, CT   06045
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             Shipping Information