I know how special your quilts are, and each quilt will be expertly quilted to
enhance its beauty. I can also provide advice to help you with your select of
what type of quilting and pattern that will complement your quilt.  Keep in
mind, you have many choices when selecting a quilting design.  You need
not to feel overwhelmed with choices ... embrace them!  Together we can
select a design that would best complement your quilt and turn it into a
treasure!  The following is a description of quilting services available from
Always Keep Quilting.

Simple Pantograph Edge-to-Edge patterns, $0.015/sq.in.  $50 minimum

Complex Pantograph Edge-to-Edge patterns, including more intricate designs
 $0.0175/sq.in.  $60 minimum

Semi-Custom Designs Edge-to-Edge pattern plus separate border design
$0.02/sq.in. $70 minimum

Custom Designs  $0.03/sq.in. to $0.04/sq.in.
Designs are individually created and stitched onto the quilt.  Custom design
stitching includes designs in blocks, sashing and one border along with
background fillers and stitch in the ditch.  Custom quilting is when you want
your quilt to make your heart sing!
Minimum - $85

Binding (optional) - If you are interested in having the binding applied to
your quilt, please supply prepared binding (2 1/2" wide continuous strips
pressed in half) along with your quilt.  I will sew the binding to the front of
your quilt, and you may finish sewing the binding by hand to the back.  
Binding will be $15 for crib to double size and $20 for queen and king sizes.

To determine your quilting price, multiply quilt top width x length in inches.
= square inch.  Multiply square inch by the per square inch quilting fee.

Thread - I have many types and colors to choose from, both solid and

No deposit is required.  Full payment is required upon completion.  If you
are interested in return shipping, please include $25.00 shipping fee.  I ship  
USPS Priority mail, and will only charge the actual shipping amount.  Any
unused shipping fee will be returned with your quilt.
Always Keep Quilting