Pantographs are designs that are followed with a laser light while stitching the
design onto a quilt.  Simple designs generally have 2" to 3" in spacing
between stitching lines, and will go from one edge of the quilt to the other
edge, both top and bottom and side to side.  Most designs are interlocking,
making it difficult to tell where the design begins and ends.  Simple
Pantograph designs are best when you do not desire a dense quilted look.

There are many different designs to choose from (remember, choices are
good!).  Many designs have a theme, such as flowers, leaves, juvenile,
oriental, and holiday.  There are also many meandering type designs to
choose from. Together, we can select a design that would complement your

Here are a few examples of quilts featuring Simple Pantograph designs.
Always Keep Quilting
Simple Pantograph Designs